Waistbeads Color Meaning

Color is considered  powerful and the main factor while choosing beads for most beaded jewelry. Besides the beaded jewelry design and types of beads, the dominant aspect and overall focal point remains to be the color of the beads. Bead’s color is a magical element which symbolizes emotion and connection to events and feelings. For example, when representing new life by the virtue of being pregnant or when trying to conceive, shades of green will signify your desire and the deep connection with new life.
Below are some bead color meanings:
  • Black – Power and protection
  • Blue – Loyalty and truth
  • Brown – Earth and stability
  • Gold – Good health, power and wealth
  • Green – Abundance, fertility, nature and prosperity
  • Orange – Courage, self confidence and vitality
  • Pink – Care, beauty, love and kindness
  • Purple – Royalty, spirituality and wisdom
  • Red – Confidence and vitality
  • Turquoise – Communication and self awareness
  • White – Light, truth and purity
  • Yellow – Energy, joy and happiness